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European Provance Style House Nork Marash 2011

The design is based on an example of a private house located in an elite district of one of English towns, this standing for its uniqueness in Armenia. The private house is in Nork district, which due to its high location and short distance to the city center has become a preferable residence for ambassadors and consuls in Armenia. The total area of the land is 400 sq.m. The house area is 530 sq.m. It has a basement of 170 sq.m with a 4.5 m. high ceiling. The house consists of two floors of 130 sq.m. each, the height of the ceiling is 3.8 m. There is also a mansard of 100 sq.m. with a 2.7 m. ceiling. The private house is surrounded with a stone-and-metal fence. The plot is improved and landscaped.

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