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Mosque In Soudi Arabia

23/01/15 14:14

Research centre KARSARC in Ar Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, includes a big residential microdistrict for forign scientists and their families. The office “HOK” worked out 10 public buildings for the microdistrict including mosques, libraries and bowling.

A 20-storey ice building was build in China

27/12/14 11:45

For the construction the workers used more then 200 blocks of ice, collected them together and fixed with water. Afterwards the workers moved on to polishing the construction's walls.

Rotating Tower in Dubai

21/08/13 17:01

Visionary architect Dr. David Fisher is the creator of the world’s first building in motion – the revolutionary Dynamic Tower. It will adjust itself to the sun, wind, weather and views by rotating each floor separately.

The Potala Palace in Tibet

31/07/13 10:00

The Potala Palace symbolizes Tibetan Buddhism and its central role in the traditional administration of Tibet. Also founded in the 7th century, the Jokhang Temple Monastery is an exceptional Buddhist religious complex.

Christian Dior Store in Tokyo

30/07/13 10:12

The Dior building is a showcase for Dior's designs

Atlantic Ocean Road

19/07/13 11:26

The Atlantic Ocean Road or the Atlantic Road is a 8.3 kilometer long road, which runs through an archipelago in Eide, in Norway. The road is built on several small islands, which are connected by several causeways and eight bridges.

Glass path over the gulf in the mountains of China

19/07/13 11:13

Do you like extreme and thrill?

The luxurious five-star hotel in an abandoned stone underwater mine

18/07/13 11:02

A five-star hotel currently being built into the side of an abandoned quarry Songjiang District of Shanghai.

Pioano House

13/07/13 10:28

An amazing house representing two musical instruments, is located in China, in the city of Huainan.


13/07/13 10:13

This unusual construction is located in St. John's Wood region, in London. Externally similar to something like a well-maintained hole, in fact it is a real small eco-office. Why the "eco"?

Hotel with Swimming Pool in Every Room

11/07/13 10:00

An unusual hotel may appear in India.

The Shell House

10/07/13 12:59

Have you ever imagine living inside a sea shell or bathing under a shell fountain?

Lotus Temple in India

10/07/13 11:43

Lotus Temple is one of the remarkable architectures of Bahai faith. It is located in New Delhi. The temple looks like a lotus flower and is made of marble, cement, dolomite and sand

Ark Building

10/06/13 12:39

Climate changes and rising ocean level are a scientific fact that is irrefutable and happening. A Russian architecture studio Remistudio designed a massive hotel complex able to endure even extreme flooding

Egg-shaped building in Mumbai

10/06/13 12:38

The 32'000 square meter building was designed by James Law Cybertecture International, a firm based in Hong Kong, UAE and India

A cactus sprouts as a new office tower in Qatar

10/06/13 12:36

The new office for the Qatar Minister of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture (MMAA) is one that speaks creatively and directly to the location and the office’s subject matter

Dubai Pearl

10/06/13 12:27

Dubai Pearl is a new residential and commercial development in Dubai situated in the newest part of the city,,,

Unusual hotels: Monastery

10/06/13 12:25

An ancient monastery Monastero Santa Rosa has changed into a lavish hotel long time ago and preserved no former modesty,,

New symbol of Yas

10/06/13 12:21

Asymptote architectural group founded in 1989 by Hani Rashid and Lise Anne couture is already well-known. Their projects are always innovative and one step forward.

National Museum Zayed

10/06/13 12:19

Serving as a monument and memorial to the UAE’s founding President Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Zayed National Museum will be a focal point of the emerging Saadiyat Island Cultural District. All aspects of the Museum, from architectural design to museum exhibit themes were conceived to reflect the life and values of the late Sheikh Zayed.

Fake Hills in China

10/06/13 12:07

The wryly named Fake Hills is a large apartment complex set on the water in the city of Beihai, China.

30-Story Hotel — In 15 Days

10/06/13 11:37

Builders in China completed a 170,000 square foot, 30-story prefabricated hotel in just 15 days.
It can reportedly withstand an 9.0-magnitude earthquake.